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Langga, can you ask how much is the cost of making a website? I’d like one for the office.”  …this was the text message one morning in the first quarter of 2010, coming from Bernardito A. Florido or “BAF” to lawyers and staff of the Florido & Largo Law Office.

Because of my extreme fondness for this man, my response was “Your wish is my command.”

Immediately, I assured him I could have one put up in less than an hour and at no cost to him or the office.

Fast forward to this day, the 25th of July, the 4oth day since his passing, it is with great honor and sadness that I edit BAF’s website one more time to indicate that he is no longer with us.

For years I maintained this website in loving dedication to the only parent who I adore, respect, obey, and above all HONOR with my achievements, work, and strength of character. Even with BAF gone, there is still work to be done. Injustice, unfairness, untruth, and criminal behavior continue. Companies, organizations, and entities continue to rely on legal representation for their goals.  And so this website must remain.

My heartfelt thanks to all who sympathized with us, joined us, and prayed with us as we laid BAF to rest.

By: Attorney Mary Christine Florido


Atty. Joan S. Largo

(formerly of  Florido & Largo Law Office)

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6000 Philippines

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Atty. Mary Christine C. Florido

(formerly of Florido & Largo Law Office)

By Appointment Only, Contact Janve at (+6332) 230-4746

Email:  atty@christineflorido.com

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This website is owned and maintained by Atty. M. Christine Florido for the late Atty. Bernardito A. Florido, Sr. | Managed since 2010