Available Defense against Petition Seeking Forfeiture of Properties Allegedly due to Unexplained Wealth

Applicable law: Republic Act No. 1379, entitled “An Act Declaring Forfeiture in Favor of the State of Any Property Found to Have Been Unlawfully Acquired By Any Public Officer or … Continue Reading →

Legal Basis for Rescission of Contracts in the Philippine Civil Code

Rescission refers to the cancellation of an agreement or contract either through mutual agreement of the parties or for cause. A party can rescind a contract when the other party … Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Ruling on Psychological Incapacity

When citing psychological incapacity as a ground for annulment, the petitioner (or the one filing the petition for nullity alleging this as a ground) must not only present an expert … Continue Reading →

Enforcement of Foreign Money Judgments (Philippines)

I. PRESENT ATTITUDE TOWARD ENFORCEMENT OF FOREIGN MONEY JUDGMENTS A. Describe the receptiveness of your government (including courts) toward enforcement of foreign money judgments. Under the newly-ratified Constitution of The … Continue Reading →

Law on Retrenchment: Philippine Airlines case

After many years of battling it out in the Supreme Court, the association of flight attendants of the Philippine Airlines finally obtained a decision declaring their retrenchment illegal. In its … Continue Reading →

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